Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Immersion Weekend or Party

Here are some ideas for creating an immersion weekend or party. Things you will need are a movie in the target language and/or a TV connection, It might be good to put together a newspaper or magazine for the event in the target language. Get games to be played in the target language. Depending on skill level of students, games with more or less conversation are appropriate. Getting a few volunteers who are native speakers of the target language to help out and interact with the students is always a plus! When you get your ideas and budget together, have your students over for a party! Or if you are adventurous, go for a weekend camp experience. One rule is that everything must be done in the target language. I haven't done the camp personally, but I have done immersion parties, and the students have a great time! One key is to make sure that there are native speakers there to help set the tone. Just having the TV or radio in the background playing in the target language also helps.

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