Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Grammar lessons on the board.

You probably looked at that post and thought, (((What is so fun about that!?))) Here is an idea I have used to teach grammar for years; the students love it and they learn a lot! I put one sentence on the board. (In the target language of course.) Then I hand a marker to the first kid. He/she writes the second sentence and then hands the marker off. The story will twist and turn with students giving each other ideas and wondering if they made mistakes. I assure them that we will correct the mistakes later so they don't take to much time in the writing process. When they are done with the story, I take out a different color marker and we go through the whole thing as a group. They help me find all the errors. There is usually plenty of laughter as the whole convoluted story is corrected. I usually hear laughter about the story for the next few days in the halls. (Like when the principal of the school got caught smoking pot with an alien who landed on the football field...stories like that.) Enjoy teaching grammar! It will keep you on your toes!

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  1. could you give some examples of sentences to start out with? thank you.